Monday, November 2, 2009

Chapter 6, page 6/六章第六ページ


Zerix-kun said...

For some reason it feels like it has really slowed down, even with the bike crash. Honestly, I find myself looking forward to chapters of the remake more.

Yuri said...

yeah, I felt like it was moving too fast before. but I guess maybe I slowed it down too much ^^;
I'll try to adjust the speed again.

although....I know I keep saying I will continue this "ver. 1.0" Farewell Feeling, but I'm starting to wonder if it's worth it since more people seem to be reading the new one than the old one.

Zerix-kun said...

Such a decision would certainly lighten your workload, but you should make the one that would make you most happy with Farewell Feeling. The remake seems to be of slightly higher art quality and is so far different enough from the original comic so that it is not boring(for those who don't like rereading things). But it almost seems like the two versions satisfy different tastes, though. One has things the other does not.