Friday, July 4, 2008

Chapter 1 (English)

Chapter One

Page One
Page Two

Page Three

Page Four
(I'm sorry...somehow all I have is the Japanese version of this page...)
she is saying "if you'd do your job as Ellison's "Grief" emotion everything would be fine!"

Page Five

Page Six

Page Seven

Page Eight

Page Nine (7.11.08)

Page Ten (7.20.08)

Random Illustration (7.27.08)

Random Illustration (8.2.08)

Omake: the dangers of moving (8.6.08)
note: as of now, Add's name has been changed to Ameko. sorry for any confusion.

Page Eleven (8.15.08)

Page Twelve (8.15.08)

Page Thirteen

Page FourteenPage Fifteen
Page Sixteen

Page Seventeen

Page Eighteen

Page Ninteen

Page Twenty

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